If you went through my first blog on the pros and cons of a Christmas wedding, and you still feel that a Christmas wedding would be the best for you, then this blog will help you just that little bit more to narrow down your ideas. One thing you must do before reading any blog about wedding ideas is that of deciding how big or how personal your wedding should be. Listen to each other and make sure you both get involved. Another thing you need to agree on is the colour scheme, everything goes around your theme. Happy planning! 

Being Malta’s most experienced florists we must emphasise the importance of floral decor in your wedding. Christmas is no exception. If you feel that your budget does not have enough space for this, then opt for a reception area that already has a Christmas decor. Most restaurants and hotels would have dressed their reception rooms for Christmas then you don’t need to think of this.

What you would need to budget for is:

1.Wedding bouquets 

Your bridal bouquet is the easiest way to incorporate the festive mix of red and green without being tacky. Red and green are the Christmas colours many establishments use for their own decor, so you can compliment this with your bouquet. Yet, if you want your wedding to be something completely different and stand out from the crowd there’s a wide spectrum you can opt for, from sprigs of holly or poinsettia leaves to white roses and rustic pine cones, it all depends on your colour scheme. Opting for a more subtle approach in the form of a winter white backdrop with pale, pastel colours is just as affective as the obvious red and green palette.

You don’t always need to go for red and green, white is another favourite colour scheme

While many flowers bloom year-round, there are some in-season winter flowers we’re especially fond of:

  • Brunia berries are small silver balls that add a perfect accent to your winter bouquet.
  • The popular succulent trend is a fun winter wedding flower alternative.
  • Manzanita branches are wintery and rustic, and can even be spray-painted silver or gold.
  • Pinecones have an über winter feel, so they’re a perfect complement to any winter wedding arrangement.
  • Hypericum berries are also a really festive addition to bouquets.
  • Roses are a year-round classic, but their diverse colours (like white or deep red) are especially gorgeous for winter.

A side thought , the bride’s bouquet represents the flowers the future husband will be wearing close to his heart. Where the bridal party does not need to match the bride’s bouquet, (the colour scheme should,) the groom’s button hole does.

Another side note is regarding the flowers at the church, check if the church already has their own flowers and see if they match your own. If they do all is set, and all you need to do is dress the entry way. Yet, if it doesn’t, see what is best for the church to be happy and also your colour scheme to look the same.

2. Table Centre Pieces

If it’s a sit down wedding or a standing one, you need to think of table decor. There are many sites that can give you DIY ideas to keep to your budget but you need to keep in mind that these need to complement your colour scheme. If you are going for rustic or glamorous the reception venue needs to portray this on it’s own and you can do this with your tables. Yet, there are so many ways to dress a table, classical floral centrepieces are a great idea – white or red roses would look amazing but what about adding some pretty winter touches to them? Add some crystals and white feathers for that chic glam look. I also love baby breath for they remind me of snow. Rustic centrepiece ideas are endless: cranberries, pinecones, coniferous branches, cotton and cinnamon sticks mixed together or with flowers shout out “winter in a cabin” for sure. An alternative to flowers are candles and Christmas baubles. These create a cozy and informal atmosphere. 

3. Wedding Favours

In the season of giving, this topic is very personal. Where we all know how expensive weddings can become, you should not forget to place a budget for your favours. The trend is to give something to charity and what better time to comply to this, then at Christmas time? If this is your option we are all applause but if you still wish to give that little something to your guests, then there are a variety of options to choose from as Christmas theme items are plenty.

Personalised baubles can be ideal gifts for Christmas and easy to make yourselves all you need are baubles from Qronfla and a Permanent marker.

Candles can be a great idea to give away and Qronfla can supply you with some amazing ones.

Scarfs might even be welcomed by your guests with a warm smile and worn there and then.

Small bottles of mulled wine are perfect to create a Christmas feeling. 

The list can go on, ideas for your guests are infinite and many can be hand made too. Just remember the favour is for your guests to remember you by especially at this time of year. I still have my Christmas Bauble of a friend of mine that married some 20 years ago and every year when I take it out with my Christmas decorations, I remember their wedding and send them a personal message.

4. Winter Accessories

Unless you live in the Northern Hemisphere, Christmas will be cold. Accessories will be important to keep warm. While a wedding dress with long sleeves is a perfect choice for the season, it is not always what is chosen. So, a faux fur stole, a veil, a cape or a chic cardie are all good options. This thought needs to be extended for your bridal party, it would be a shame to see your bridesmaids trembling while assisting you. Another winter accessory one should think of is the umbrella. Invest in big umbrellas that can cover the bride and groom where ever they go. Nobody likes the idea of a stormy day for their wedding but better be prepared for the worst. There are even white ones to complement the day.

Keep up with your vitamins

5. Don’t Forget Beauty Prep.

Chapped lips and dry skin are inevitable come winter. Keep your lips moisturised in the run up to the wedding and this is not only for the bride! Use a good face moisturiser and have a lip balm in your clutch or in his pocket on the day. What about colds? Just like in summer we need to prevent ourselves getting red with the sun, colds too need to be prevented, how? Eat well, and eat your vitamins! Take your oranges and take your ginger and lemon tea. If you prefer take vitamins in a pill form, whatever way you do it make sure you remain healthy.

6. Coat Check

Have you ever been to a winter wedding? As a female I always worry what to dress myself up in to keep warm. If i knew there was a coat closet things would be less stressful. Do this for your guests, make sure someone is in charge of taking coats at your reception and making sure they’re kept safe. Ask your reception to provide with this service as it should come with the price. Having said this, keep your guests warm by offering either a hot chocolate or mulled wine on arrival or during the reception Keep it simple and you will definitely make the guests feel welcome, cheery and warm.

7. Wedding Cake

Nothing says wedding more than the cake table. A Christmas Wedding Cake is a stunner with Christmas flowers. Elegance is important at this table and it can either go simple or chic. Still it is very important that you give this some thought. With flowers you do not necessarily need a cake top as the flowers will do the magic.

Christmas might be a cold season but it does not mean that it is less warm. A Christmas wedding would definitely warm many people’s hearts and it will remain the best memory every year to keep remembering time after time. If you need more information or would like to ask any questions, Qronfla are always at your service and we would totally enjoy helping you create a Magical Christmas Wedding.