What is ConceptGreen?


ConceptGreen is our way of conducting business, with special focus on

sustainability and environmental awareness. At Qronfla we believe in doing

whatever we can to help protect our environment and the flora and fauna 

that live within it. ConceptGreen is a complete company culture revolving

around one simple idea, protecting our planet. However, this simple

idea has a profound effect in everything we do. Just like quality assurance

and customer responsiveness, we believe Environmental Sustainability

to be a core value in conducting business.

6 Core Concepts


The 6 core concepts of ConceptGreen. that we constantly work on improving. These ensure we stick to the ConceptGreen Culture and all it represents.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

At Qronfla, we follow basic recycling procedure and focus on reducing business consumption and Reusing materials where possible

Water and Energy Efficient

Our plants and flowers require large amounts of water to survive in local climate. We take the upmost care to avoid water waste, reusing extra water where possible and keep track of energy consumption

Carbon Footprint

As a business, we try to reduce our carbon footprint with special attention to our delivery vans, energy consumption and gardening equipment.

Staff Education

Our staff members are trained on how to properly care for flowers and plants, reduce their impact on the environment and how they can directly contribute to building a sustainable future.

Building Our Environment

As a floral and gardening business, we are lucky to be able to plant trees, flowers and plants on a regular basis. We bring flora to schools, public spaces, offices and more

Reduce Plastic

We try to avoid plastic, using biodegradable paper bags and recycled boxes instead. 1 Plastic bag can take around 5-10 years to decompose. Our bags decompose and can be used as compost in about 1 month

Our Planet,

Our Responsibility

We believe that it is up to us to create a future that we are proud of. However change doesn’t just happen overnight, which is why we constantly try to improve our services and expertise. .

Taking care of flowers and plants is our daily job, and it goes hand in hand with ensuring our environment is taken care off. However we cannot do it alone, which is why we also encourage our clients to adopt parts of the ConceptGreen culture in everyday life. Alone we cannot do much, together we can make a difference.