In this page you will find answers to the most common questions we get. Please make sure to contact us if this is not enough and we will be able to provide you with a prompt reply within a few hours.
Where are you located?
We currently have 2 outlets:

Il-Qronfla 253 Main Street Balzan
Il-Qronfla Frangisku Pisani Road Mosta

What times are you open?

Our opening hourse can be found here: Contact Us

Can you deliver my order at x time?

While we do our best to cater to all requests, unfortunately we cannot cater for specified times during busy holidays or events. If you would like to specify a time, kindly call us on 21 442 600

Do you have this product x?

We do our best to import fresh and new products every month. If you are looking for a specific product, kindly send us a photo on facebook or by email and we will check our stores and storage. Should we not have a product in stock, we can always look into the possibility of ordering the item.

Do you deliver to Hospitals and Funerals?

Yes we do. Due to the nature of the delivery and specific times where we would be able to make the delivery, please try to inform us of such orders as soon as possible.

My wedding is in x months. Can you help?

We will do our very best to work with you in creating the wedding of your dreams. As such orders are often custom made, we will provide you with a free quote along with an idea of what it is possible to create. It is always helpful to give us a call or send us an email prior to requesting a quete for us to have a clear idea of the wedding theme along with any custom arrangements that you wish to bring to life.

Will my delivery be exactly like the photo?

When you order online, the order will be produced as closely as possible to the picture. Please remember that each arrangement is custom made. No two arrangements are exactly alike and color substitutions of flowers may be necessary (This only applies to mixed arrangements and not specific color orders like 6 Red Roses).

We make every effort to ensure that the flowers featured on our pages are in season and available. Some flowers may not always be available. We reserve the right to substitute flowers of like color, appearance, and value. Because of the popularity of some floral arrangements, we also reserve the right to substitute pictured vases and decorative containers with ones similar in shape, color, value, and style.

Our professional staff of floral designers are always eager to discuss any special design or product requests. Please contact us  and we will be glad to assist you with a special request.