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We offer the service of supply and plant maintenance in offices, households, and other establishments. Being a new project, or a take over, we will assess the area climatic conditions and promote the best available plant options. We also cater for particular budgets,  themes and styles. We also offer free online assistance for those clients that decide to maintain the plants in house.
The supply of artificial or fresh plants is all possible for indoor spaces.
Other than the regular requests, we can custom build vertical green walls for indoor and outdoor use. There are various methods and criteria required when building a vertical wall, and therefore sometimes it is advisable to ask for our assistance if your premises are still in shell form state.
We also offer the service of brief landscape and outdoor embellishments or upgrades, the new installation, organization and upgrades of water irrigation systems and professional installation of artificial Turf.
Please come to us should you require a free onsite visit to discuss your needs better.


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