Christmas Season creates magic and which couple doesn’t want magic for their special day? Some say Christmas Season is the most wonderful time of the year and if that is you then there is no doubt a Christmas wedding would definitely suit you. Choosing your wedding date is not an easy task but, if you both are inspired to create a magical day in this amazing season then keep reading.


1. Family Time

Christmas is all about family and so is Christmas. Many people get together at Christmas time and what better place to get together than a magical wedding? Many people take time off for the season and many fly to visit family members anyway. If you have many members of your family that need to travel to come to your wedding then with a Christmas wedding you would be watering 2 plants with one hose. 

2. Honeymoon vacation

While it’s nice to create a crispy and seasonal environment for your wedding, you could keep a little smear in your smile as your honeymoon would be visiting somewhere warm and sunny. May be, the Bahamas or an Australian getaway.  You and your spouse will shed away the winter blues and get a tan while at it!

3. Seasonal Decor

Christmas-themed décor is a must for any winter wedding. Not only does it add warmth, Christmas décor consists of nature and evergreens—an appropriate symbol for an ever-growing marriage! Decorate with holly or mistletoe in your venue to give the wedding an added romantic twist. Some times the actual venue would be already decorated for the season this would be a bonus for the couple it can help cut down the budget slightly or diverge your budget to things that are more important to you.


1. Weather

If you wish the powdery-white backdrop of snowflakes for your special day photos then you are in the wrong part of the hemisphere. Malta has never seen snow, but we can get hail, strong winds and heavy rain! You might have everything planned to the T but then the weather turns and panic might strike. Always, plan for the worse, huge umbrellas, extra shoes, bridesmaid dresses with long sleeves or faux jackets, anything and everything to make the weather not beat up your spirit. Just remember even your guests will be worried and this might even be a reason why you could have drop outs.

2. Many events

There are many activities going on in this special season. Your special date might clash with your guests’ plans. Many people go on vacation for Christmas it is recommended that with this in mind, you issue the “save the date” as soon as possible. Make sure the people that mean a lot to you remember your date and give it importance too.

3. Sunset

The days are short and the sun sets fast. Be sure to check with your photographer about the earlier sunset’s infamous “golden hour.” This is the prime time to take outdoor wedding photos, and it’s worth planning your ceremony around. Evenings may be pretty with fairy lights all around but you do need the sun for best outdoor shots.

If you’re having a Christmas Wedding, don’t panic; all these problems are really small and totally avoidable with some preparations beforehand. We do hope that the cons do not stop you from creating that magical celebration. We believe that Christmas time is a great season to celebrate two hearts joining into one, doesn’t Christmas symbolise pure love anyway? If you need help to organise your wedding get in touch with us and we will lead you on a good start.