Give your home a festive glow with lights this holiday season.

Lights have become a seasonal staple and if you ask me, there’s no such thing as too many Christmas lights. Christmas lights are one of the most versatile decorations available. Use them indoors and out, as standalone decorations or to complement other features like trees, porches, mantelpieces and staircases. You can keep your Christmas lights subtle, soft and elegant, or big, bold and colourful.

Buying for the first time

So, it’s your first Christmas in a new place? Your whole house is bare but you still wish to create a Christmas feeling? You are in luck, Qronfla cater for first time buyers. They can help you create the perfect setting and stay within your budget. Yet, if you are the adventurous type and want to go ahead and decorate your place up to create a merry place, think lights!

Tips before buying

  • Safety first – check out our blog on safety but remember use indoor and outdoor for just that, don’t mix them up.
  • Always keep out of reach from small children and pets.
  • Check your plugs and bulbs and do not over use your extension cords.
  • We recommend using timers with lights so as not to forget them alight when you go to sleep or when you are out late at night. Some have integrated timers in the lights themselves
  • We recommend using LED lights for indoor decorations as when compared to the old bulb system they are more energy efficient and they are also brighter, longer lasting and safer as they don’t heat up.
  • Before buying know where you will be placing the lights and our tip is that it’s better to get more than less. See if you have a socket near by or if you would need an extension cord or may be even better use of battery lights. 
  • If thinking of outdoor lights make sure your socket is waterproofed well and any extensions and wires should be lifted up from the ground to not stay in soiled and wet places. If you do not have an outdoor plug you know that you have two options: either drill a hole from which an electric cord can be passed (not really recommended) or buy with battery use.

Once you have checked all these points it’s time to visit our shop! Remember if you need a more personalised service we are here to help, just send us a message on our social media sites; Facebook or Instagram. Or write us an email with your request.