Christmas lights make the street pretty. They lighten up the way. They create that feeling of snow even if we never see it here. What would Christmas be without lights? 

Some people really go all out and decorate every nook and cranny of their home and outdoor space with Christmas lights around this time. I pass by a house and stop to marvel at what they have magically created with just lights. One house near mine, every year comes up with a new creation to build a great spectacle. 

I don’t know you but, I love lights. I am also very aware of the dangers that these can cause. Falling on the ladder, electrocution and shorting are real possibilities. Just last year I remember there were 2 fires caused by Christmas lights in my town. With proper preparation and safe practices, you can avoid those dangerous situations while decorating and throughout the season.

Safety tips

  1. Fix or replace broken bulbs, wires and plugs.
  2. Check fuses
  3. Use a wooden ladder, metal ladders conduct electricity, which can lead to electrical shocks.
  4. Stick to the labels – outdoor is for outdoor while indoor is for indoor! If looking for outdoor get water proof lighting and this includes the use of extensions!
  5. Don’t over power – if your extension is of 4 don’t place another extension onto this one!
  6. If it still works it does not mean it’s safe – if you have had an extension or plug for years but it got slightly burnt, ditch it, even if it still works!
  7. Use a timer, don’t leave the lights on all night with you fast asleep. Even when you leave the house make sure you use a timer to switch on and off your lights. These can be found either with the actual lights or an add on.
Outdoor lights from Qronfla

These are just the basics that one should know. There are many more safety tips that one can find and if you need help, do get in touch. Come to our Christmas shop for a variety of outdoor and indoor Christmas lights that are good for all budgets. If you wish to know what offers we have going on follow us on facebook or Instagram, why we might have a giveaway just going on.