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Pots, Tools, Compost and more.. Welcome to our garden Centre. With more items added daily, we are happy to help you on your gardening journey.

Strong Roots

Compost & Fertilizer




Every Plant deserves a home

Pots & Saucers

We offer a large selection of posts to cater for any plant. While plastic pots are the go to favourite, every once in a while a special plant deserves a special home. Terracotta & decorative pots are amongst popular choices for those who want to brighten up their home and office

A gardener’s weapons

Garden Tools

Hand Tools

Gardening Tools


A gardener’s weapons

Gravel & Pebbles


Mulch & Hydropellets

Looking For  A Bouquet?

Fresh Flowers

Check out our Flower section where you can find the perfect bouquet. We put extra effort into every bouquet to ensure the highest quality and guarantee a smile every time.

We Deliver and Ship all over Malta and Gozo!

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