It feels like summer was with us just yesterday, we still have hot days at times. Normally I would be planning next holidays and it’s human nature to look forward to the next best thing. As a nation we are not big fans of halloween and autumn seems to give Malta a miss as we still go round in t.shirts at times. So, how can we bring on the Christmas Cheer?! 

Some of 2020’s Christmas Decorations at The Christmas Shop

Christmas is a time to celebrate and although things are a bit different due to circumstances we all are too familiar with, we still look forward to Christmas. We, might not feel safe enough to travel as much as we used to but, no one will stop us from celebrating this festive season! We must bring positivity and share the Christmas Cheer.

How can one make this Christmas special?

Well, for starters the decorations are a must! But, let’s not just put them up and that’s it, let’s make it a family activity. Make your own decorations, make it a meaningful process. This way, you will remember Christmas for the family activities and not just Christmas day.

Where to start? 

You can take it in two different ways:

  1. Christmas is about the birth of Christ (it even has His name in it) so start by taking out your Baby Jesus or Nativity set. Qronfla have many different types for all budgets. Did you know that there are many different traditions around the baby Jesus?
  2. Put up the Christmas tree as a family. Get the tech guru in the family to take care of the lights, then let the children place a few baubles wherever they please (you can fix them up later). You can take care of the ribbons and bows, they cover a lot of mistakes. Finally the star or angel on the top should be a prize for the youngest! Did you know that the Germans were the first to decorate the tree?

What ever you start off with make sure it is meaningful and not in a rush. Don’t stress this Christmas, we are here to assist you with more blogs on decorations, traditions, ideas and even recipes! We’ve got you covered as Qronfla are the experts for Christmas. Let’s start the countdown! Get in touch if you require further assistance or need some ideas to start your decorating days.