Zamioculcas Zamifolia


Zamioculcas, a fabulous work of nature is Green, beautiful and virtually indestructible. This green personality has sturdy, noticeably regular leathery leaves that grow on branches that look a bit like feathers. Due to the special veins that store water and nutrients, it is perhaps one of the easiest houseplants ever! Light, dark, forgetting to water it - Zamioculcas will soldier on regardless, and will remain dutifully green and beautiful without any complaints. If you want more than something green that just stands around, it’s worth investing in your relationship a bit. Zamioculcas is not a rapid grower, but that makes a new shoot all the more of a triumph. Keep it away from direct mid-summer sun and be careful not to overwater. Zamioculcas are very easy to maintain. Give it a good soak once every 2 weeks approximately in the spring and summer and let it dry out in the autumn and winter. How often you should water it depends on the conditions of your home. Always make sure the first 2 inches of soil are dry before watering. This can take up to a month during the winter time. Apply a balanced liquid feed 3 times a year, during the summer months when you'll most likely see new growth. Warning: All parts of this plant are poisonous so keep away from children and pets and wash your hands after you've touched the leaves. Pot size: 18 (other sizes can be quoted on request and depend on availability)