The comfort zone

By using red and green (and a little glittery Gold) you’re using the Christmas colour scheme. The reason these are the traditional colours is simply the fault of the Celts and holly but, I wont go into the history of this now. If you do like some history check out my previous post about the history of the Christmas tree. Let’s go back to colour schemes. Every year, I have used the traditional colours as the main theme in my house, if only I had the courage to change the colour scheme and make things a bit different. I always end up with the safety net.

Getting out of the safety net

Today, more than ever, I think you would agree, we need a boost of joy. Feeling a bit anxious around Christmas is very normal but this year, our normal is being challenged even more. So, am I wrong to want a change for Christmas this year? One that oozes warmth and love throughout the whole house? I think I need to step outside my comfort zone and try something bold and beautiful.

White Christmas tree is not following the traditional colours but it still looks amazingly beautiful – try something bold and beautiful to spice up your Christmas this year and shake your anxiety away!

Is it going to cost me a fortune?

I always thought that changing my colour scheme would be expensive to do. Yet, ever since Qronfla Christmas Shop has opened it’s doors I have realised that changing my Christmas colour scheme is not so daunting after all; I am wrong to think that changing the colour scheme would cost me a fortune. Using my red baubles, I can create a red and white theme, all I need to do is buy a few white decorations. Gold baubles I have plenty of, so I could buy a few eye-catching gold decorations and create a Golden theme, just green is also a good idea! You see, even if the colour scheme would be different and you need to buy a few more items, you don’t need to start from scratch. 

Gold and white, all gold, red and white…whatever your colour scheme be bold and try something new this year

Why not spruce the whole house?

Should I stick to just the main rooms of the house; the living room, dining room and kitchen? What about the bedrooms? What do you do?

Many decorators advise to stick to the colour schemes that you already have in the room. This saves you taking things down for just Christmas. Shift things around, buy a few cushion covers and this might just do the trick. Just adding a garland or ribbons can add to the Christmas feeling too. Oh, and don’t forget lights!

Finding the right item

My bedroom colours are purple, white and gold. I might find it difficult to find purple items but white is an all time favourite. I could even go for something on a soft pink too. Whatever the colour scheme you have, you don’t have to use the exact colours of the room, anything that mixes well and not clash will look amazing. I know I will be on the look out for purple items and if I’m not mistaken, I think I saw a purple Christmas tree at Qronfla Christmas shop the other day.

Inspiration from Qronfla’s Designers

Qronfla Christmas Shop is the place for inspiration! These are the colour schemes that are trending a lot this Christmas season:

1.Turquoise with a touch of white – this is a favourite with the fans of the film Frozen. Very trendy with girls that don’t like pink even though pink can be included too!

2. Pink with a touch of gold or silver, pinks can differ from baby to fuchsia – this might not be a favourite of the traditional house. You do need to be daring yet, if you get it right you would have definitely created a very elegant and sophisticated look.

3. All the metals, silver and gold as well as the black of iron – definitely a creative person would take this as a challenge. Whoever likes the glamorous look this is your style this year!

4. Natural, all the colours of brown and creams along burnt orange – this look is the one where you can go on a low budget. So many DIY ideas to find with pine cones and fruit that create a warm loving feeling.

The staff at Qronfla Christmas Shop are so talented and experienced in decorating that they would gladly pass on a few tips for your bold move. They are open everyday even Sundays and Public Holidays from 9am till 7pm. We would love to see your decorations all set up in your home. If you would like to share your creations do get in touch here or through Qronfla’s social media pages. I can’t wait to get started now!