If you are anything like us, you love nature and all the beauty it brings with it. Currently we are not able to go out as much as we would like, so we set out to find a way to bring the fun to you and the family.

We did some research and found a way for you to entertain the kid with this fun Paper roll garden Art and Craft. We love the idea and whoever came up with it is a genius! It’s Fun, Easy and you don’t even have to water the plants!

How to make Paper Roll Flowers and Plants


make plants from toilet paper rolls


Awesome right? The kids can build their very own indoor garden without the mess! So Here’s how to do it

Materials You will need


  • Cardboard Paper Rolls

  • Paint or Markers

  • Paint Brushes(If using Paints)

  • Scissors

  • Pencil


Please ensure safety at all times. Children should remain supervised throughout the entire activity. We suggest that only adults make use of scissors.

Steps to Make Toilet Paper Roll Plants:

Step 1. Find a picture of your favourite flower or plant and sketch it onto the paper towel rolls.  Then, use a pair of scissors to cut around your plant sketch. Do not completely cut the tube at the bottom so that the plant can stand.


make toilet paper roll flowers


  1. Place a paper on the table to avoid a big mess!  Then, paint or draw your cardboard roll plants! This is the time to get creative and draw your favourite designs! 

paint toilet paper roll flowers and cacti


Step 3: Let them dry for a few hours.  And then, guess what! Avengers Assemble. Bring all your plants together and set them on a beautiful display and you’re done!


make toilet paper roll tulips and flowers

make toilet paper roll cacti

Now you have an everlasting garden of flowers and plants.. that never need to be watered.

The end result should look something like this. 


make plants from toilet paper rolls

We even did our own little version to join in the fun: 

We hope you enjoyed this art and craft as much as we did and that it brought a smile to your face. Feel free to share this post with others so that they can join in the fun! Tag us on facebook with your children’s creations!