Love Knows no Boundaries


Just like flowers, every love is unique. Just as flowers and plants give us oxygen, love gives us the spark and happiness to carry on for our loved ones. Without them, life would surely not be as beautiful as it is.


This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to do something special, something unique to each couple. Our idea was to create something that can be different for everyone. So we came up with a special card called “10 reasons why I love you”.


Do you remember how and why you fell in love with your partner?


Was it the way they smiled?…


Their eyes?…


or perhaps the way they held your hand…


These feelings are what make love so beautiful, and so different for everyone. So take a look back down memory lane and think of 10 things that made you fall in love with your partner.


If you look below, you can find the card attached, which you can print just in time for valentines day. We truly hope this brings a dash of happiness into your special day together, and remember, roses always make a great gift 😉


You can download the card for free below:

10 Reasons Why I love you!